Alekseev Vladimir Sergeevich

Soviet hydrograph.
Born in Yaroslavl. In 1931, the family moved to Magnitogorsk, where Alekseev graduated from school in 1946. In the same year, he entered Higher Arctic Marine School of. S.O. Makarov and in five years received a degree in engineering hydrograph. He was sent to the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, where he worked all his life.
In 1969, Alekseev headed the Dikson hydro base, remaining on this post with a short break for almost 25 years. He was the organizer and participant of many expeditions; according to the results of his work, 11 nautical charts and a guide for navigation in the Kara Sea were published. Many hydrographers Alekseev gave a start in life, two of them later led the hydro base. At the initiative of Alekseev, a helicopter was used at hydrographic works, which made it possible to dramatically increase productivity and increase research volumes.
Alekseev, the head of the hydro base, paid much attention to the living conditions of Dixons. When it was built the first 48-apartment house for hydrographers.
In late 1993, Alekseev retired.
He died and was buried in Yaroslavl.
The strait between the islands of East Kamenny and Rastorguev in the archipelago of the islands of Kamenny in Piasinsky Bay of the Kara Sea. Named in the 1990s.


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