Andronov Vladimir Vasilyevich

Soviet Arctic hydrograph.
Born in St. Petersburg, his mother worked in the sewing workshop, died when his son was only 7 years old. He was adopted by an aunt, who was also involved in sewing. Enrolling in school in 1919, the boy, due to his difficult financial situation, threw it at the end of six classes and went to a vocational school, where they paid a small stipend, and then went to school factory apprenticeship. At the end of it in 1929, Andronov was sent to the Skorokhod factory, where he worked until 1931.
The turning point of his life was the admission to the Leningrad Hydrotechnical College. In 1935, Andronov became an employee of the  Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route.
The first acquaintance with the Arctic took place at Andronov on the sailing-motor schooner “Lomonosov”, which carried out measurements off the coast of Novaya Zemlya. After that, Andronov wintered on the Bear Islands in the East Siberian Sea, becoming the author of their first instrumental shooting. In the archives of Andronov, like all others, there are service characteristics, in which the obligatory points are participation in public work, political literacy, an indication that the party line is betrayed. It is interesting to quote a characteristic given to Andronov by the head of the polar station "Chetyrehstolbovy" Krasheninnikov:
“The first year winters. As a worker, apparently knowledgeable, but during field work, constant pressure is needed on him. The program of his work performed. He took part in public works as a lecturer on the history of the party. Public works performed only as directed by the Head stations with great reluctance. In life, the person is not very survivable, not disciplined. A person who is not suitable for work in the Arctic”.  
I must say that the characteristic is just deadly. But what a historian of Russian Arctic hydrography writes about Andronov is the remarkable S.V. Popov in his book "The Arkhangelsk Polar Memorial": "He remained short, blond, with an open look of bottomless blue eyes and forever young he was remembered by hydrographists who knew him".
I personally believe Popov and the memory of hydrographers, and not the station chief, who forced him to lecture on the history of the party.
When the war began, Andronov was one of the first to go to the front and was killed during a landing operation in the Gulf of Finland.
Bay on  Alexandra Land archipelago of Franz Josef Land. The name was approved by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee in 1963 (Decision No. 651).


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