Antipovskiy Alexander Fedorovich 
(1928 – August 1984)

Arctic hydrograph, honorary polar explorer. 
Born in the village of Beloomut, Moscow Region. 
After high school in Stalinogorsk in 1946 he enrolled in
Higher Arctic Marine School of. S. O. Makarov, after which he received a degree in engineering hydrograph. From 1952 until the end of his life he worked in the Main Hydrographic Department of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. 
In the distribution, Antipovskiy chose the Pevek hydrobase, as S.V. Popov is probably the hardest. Most of the time I had to work in the sea and the tundra. He was appointed senior engineer for the most complex surveying work. 
Over the long years of expeditionary wanderings, Antipovskiy walked away, rode all the northern coast of Yakutia from Oleneksky Bay to the Chaunskaya Bay on dogs, deer, tractors, and all-terrain vehicles. He surveyed the lower reaches of the Lena, Indigirka, Alazei, Kolyma, wintered in the Bear Islands in the early 1950s. According to S.V. Popov, “he did not discover new islands and straits. But he was a pioneer. Where for decades Antipovskiy has been collecting data for nautical charts, the caravans of ships are now sailing on them, without fear for their safety”.  
Hard, nervous, full of dangers work does not improve health. In 1982, Antipovskiy grabbed his heart, the doctors at the hospital in Chokurdakh were diagnosed with myocardial infarction, but he did not believe them, having worked after this season. “If there was a heart attack, I could not return to the field,” he said, returning to Leningrad. A few days later, he was no more sultry August night. There was a heart attack after all. 
The urn with ashes was buried in the Columbarium of the St. Petersburg crematorium. 
Cape in the north-west of Krestovsky Island in the archipelago of the Bear Islands in the East Siberian Sea.


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