Antonov Semen Platonovich 

Arctic captain of hydrographic vessels, honorary polar explorer. 
Born at the station Novosel'e in the Luga district of the Petersburg province in a peasant family. 
After four years of study at the Antonov Labor School in 1924, he was sent to the Frunze Naval School in Leningrad, but without finishing it, he was demobilized in 1928 due to the difficult financial situation of the family and settled in Vladivostok as a sailor Navy until 1931. 
Returning to Leningrad, Antonov entered the third year of the Leningrad Marine Technical School, and after graduation began working on fishing vessels in Murmansk. In May 1938, he moved to 
the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route and for ten years he continuously spent the winter in Provideniya and Tiksi bays, commanding the hydrographic vessels "Vest', "Professor Vize", "Ost", "Yana", "Donets" and the icebreaker tug "Yakutia". In all the production characteristics, his extremely high professional training, wide practical experience, restraint and calmness in difficult situations are noted. According to A.V. Maryshev "... for long polar winterings desirable and suitable...". Captain 2nd rank of the SMP, L.I. Senkovsky called Antonov "one of the best Arctic captains".  At the same time, unfortunately, over the years, the characteristics of Anton alcohol abuse, which began to lead to serious violations: a barge crash, loss of anchor, became more and more frequently mentioned. In 1950 during the stay of the "Ost" subordinate to Antonov in the American port, three crew members escaped from the ship. Captain attributed the "decomposition of the team" and removed from office. In those years, things could end for Antonov much more pitiable. 
Suddenly died in Vladivostok. According to the testimony of his daughter S.P. Antonov Svetlana Semenovna and grandson Anton Sergeevich grave is lost. 
Bay on the island of Alexandra Land archipelago Franz Josef Land. 
The name was approved by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee in 1963 (Decision No. 651).


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