Artyukhov (Artyukov) Fedor Gerasimovich
(1780? –14.10.1852)

Russian naval officer, vice-admiral.
In 1798 he graduated from the Marine Corps in St. Petersburg, from where he was released in the rank of midshipman. He served mainly in the Baltic Fleet, sailing to the shores of England and Holland, in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea.
As part of the squadron of Vice-Admiral Senyavin participated in the battles with the Turkish fleet at the Dardanelles and at Mount Athos, already in 1811 with the rank of lieutenant, Artyukhov was awarded for 18 naval campaignsthe Order of St. George 4 degree.
Since 1817, Artyukhov began to command the courts, making the transitions from Kronstadt to Arkhangelsk and back. In the years 1826-1830, he served as assistant captain over the port of Arkhangelsk, then headed the local naval hospital.
Returning to the ship service, Artyukhov commanded ships on the Baltic Sea.
In 1836 he was promoted to rear admirals and transferred to the Black Sea Fleet, where he held his flag as a squadron commander. In 1838, commanding the Sukhumi squadron, participated in the capture of Sochi and Tuapse.
In 1845, Artyukhov was appointed first a member of the general presence of the Black Sea quartermaster, and then, from 1849, from the time he was appointed vice-admiral, he was chairman of the dry docks committee in Sevastopol. In this last position was until the day of his death.
He died in Sevastopol.
An island in the Kara Gates.
Cape in the Kara Gates. Described and mapped by P.K. Pakhtusov in 1832.


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