Bodisko Fedor Nikolaevich




Russian naval officer, a member of the voyages around the world, a writer.

Born in Revel in the family of Admiral Nikolai Andreyevich Bodisko and Baroness Carolina von Westinghausen. The father, a hereditary Revel nobleman and a brilliant naval officer of the Catherine epoch, came from an ancient Dutch family who moved to Russia at the beginning of the 18th century. According to Revel, Bodisko’s fellow countrymen were I.F. Krusenstern, F.F. Bellingsgausen, O.E. Kotzebue. The Bodisko family had ten children, 6 boys and 4 girls. Fedor was born the fifth child in the family and the third son.

At the age of 14, he was sent to the Naval Cadet Corps, where he studied until 1820, becoming first a midshipman and then a midshipman. After graduating from Bodisko, he served for about 2 years on the frigate Sveaborg cruising in the Baltic Sea.

The first real test for a young sailor was a world tour in the years 1822-1824 on the sloop "Ladoga" under the command of Lieutenant-Captain A.P. Lazarev . For this voyage, Bodisko was awarded the Order of St. Anne of the 3rd degree and the "pension received according to the rank of midshipman." December 30, 1826 he was given the rank of lieutenant.
In the years 1827-1830 on the frigate "Konstantin" Bodisko moved from Kronstadt to Portsmouth, from where, in the squadron, Rear Admiral L.P. Heydena, arrived in the Archipelago and participated in the Battle of Navarino, for which he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, 4 degrees with a bow , which was considered the second most important order in the Russian Empire after the Order of St. Andrew the First Called.

Then there was participation in cruising in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, participation in the blockade of the Dardanelles. For 18 maritime campaigns he was awarded the Order of St. George, 4 degrees .

In 1831, Bodisko in the crew of the military transport "America" ​​under the command of Captain V.S. Khromchenko, went to his second voyage around the world. His task was to transport the necessary goods and products to Kamchatka and to Alaska and export furs from there. Upon completion of the voyage “for diligent and zealous service,” Bodisko received the Order of St. Stanislaus of the 3rd degree and the long-awaited rank of lieutenant commander.

In subsequent years, Bodisko commanded various ships of the Baltic Fleet, rising to the rank of captain 1 rank.

Luda (a small, naked, stone island) in the Kara Sea south of about. Tsivolki. Named in 1835, A.K. Tsivolka.


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