Gemskerk Jacob van



Dutch navigator, admiral.

Born in Amsterdam.

In the years 1594-1596. As a trade commissioner and commander of the ship, he participated in the expedition of V. Barents. After the death of the expedition leader, he headed the boat transfer of the surviving participants to the mainland.

In the years 1598-1600  he participated in the voyages of J. van Neck and V. van Varveyk to India, in 1601 with the rank of admiral in the East Indies expedition.

He was killed in 1607 in a battle with the Spanish fleet at Gibraltar. His body was transported to Holland and buried with honors in the old church of Amsterdam.






Barents and Gemskerk plan their route

(picture of 1863)


An islet near the east coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya north of Icy Harbor Bay. The name was given in August 1596 by the expedition of V. Barents.

Cape in the north of the island of Prince Charles Land of the Svalbard archipelago.


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