Hessen Egor Fedorovich

(13(25).04.1775 - 12 (24). 04.1852)

Russian military sailor.

In 1785 he entered the Marine Corps as a cadet. Upon completion in 1791, he was promoted to midshipmen, participated with the fleet in the campaign on the Kronstadt raid. The service of Hesse until 1816 is connected with the Baltic Fleet. In the campaign of 1792-1796. sailed in the Gulf of Finland and in the Baltic Sea, in 1797 - in the campaign at Krasnaya Gorka.

In 1799, Hessen on the ship "Mercury" in the squadron of Admiral Khanykov cruised near the Prussian coast, in the same year he was promoted to lieutenant. The next four years were spent in Kronstadt, and during 1805-1811. He was in Rybinsk as part of the commission for the supply of oak forests to the fleet.

Until 1816, as a lieutenant commander, he continued service in the Baltic Fleet, and then was appointed assistant captain over the port of Arkhangelsk. Ten years later, he was promoted to captain of the port of Sveaborg in the rank of captain 2 rank, and a year later he returned to Arkhangelsk already captain of the port. In this position, Hessen remained until 1840, rising to the rank of major general, and then was appointed a member of the General presence of the maritime commissariat.

In 1844, with the rank of lieutenant general, he was seconded to the port of Sveaborg.

The merits of Hesse were awarded the orders of St. Vladimir 3 and 4 degrees, St. Anna 2 degrees.

He died in St. Petersburg, buried in the Smolensk Lutheran cemetery.

Cape on the Kara coast of the southern island of New Earth. Described and named in 1833, P.K. Pakhtusov.


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