Glotov Alexander Yakovlevich

Russian naval officer, honorary member of the State Admiralty Department, naval writer.
Born in the Voronezh province. At the age of 11 he entered the Naval Cadet Corps, from where in 1794 he became a midshipman. For special diligence and diligence the following year he was promoted to corporals, and then to sergeants.
He received his first acquaintance with the sea in 1794, hitting the ship of admiral V.Ya. Chichagov "Victorious", which for three years sailed in the Baltic Sea.
In 1797 he was promoted to midshipmen, participated in the campaign at Krasnaya Gorka. In 1804 he became a lieutenant, and a year later he completed the naval service, was counted among the State Admiralty Department and was appointed supervisor of the model chamber and museum.
Even at a young age in Glotov, great abilities were revealed in mechanics. After having familiarized himself perfectly with the maritime affair, after completing his service, he put a lot of effort into improving this specialty. In 1807, Glotov built the exact model of the 44-gun frigate, which was donated to Emperor Alexander I.
Glotov led the construction of the telegraph on the southern coast of the Kronstadt Bay, was engaged in the construction of the ports of Kronstadt and Revel. He combined this activity with work in a modeling workshop and a museum of the Admiralty.
In 1821 he was elected to the honorary members of the Admiralty Department.
Another area of ​​interest Glotova was literary activity. In his list of published works "Search for ship armament accessories", "A way to lift sunk cargoes", "A way to save the crew during a crash", "A way to replace a lost steering wheel", "A way to arrange a binnacle", etc. Unfortunately his works such as Materials for the History of the Russian Fleet and the Maritime Slovolokatel. The last work is a complete sea encyclopedia containing all words related to navigation, shipbuilding, mathematics, artillery and other sciences.
Glotov was a member of the St. Petersburg Society of amateurs of science, literature and the arts, as well as the Free Economic Society.
An island in the middle of the Kostin Shar strait near the west coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1839, a member of the expedition A.K. Tsivolki - S.A. Moiseyev conductor A. Kerner.


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