Nikitin Vladimir Mikhailovich
(07.10.1903 - 1988)

Soviet Arctic hydrograph, captain 1st rank.
In 1920 he graduated from a labor school, then in 1924 the Higher Naval Hydrographic School, and in 1938 the Naval Academy. Since 1924, the producer of works, the head of the shipload of hydrographic vessels “Murman”, “Mist”; since 1938, assistant chief, head of hydrographic research in the Northern Fleet; participant in the Great Patriotic War, the defense of the Soviet Arctic, the organizer of the planning of navigational and hydrographic support for naval operations, ship transitions along the route Murmansk – Polyarny – Arkhangelsk; Since 1943, the head of the Department of Hydrography of the Higher Naval School. M.V. Frunze.
Cove in the Sakhanikh Bay in the south of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. It was named by hydrographs of the Northern hydrographic expedition in 1930.


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