Voronin Fedor Ivanovich
(about 1829 -?)

Shipowner industrialist, tradesman of Sumy Posad, cousin of the famous Soviet polar captain V.I. Voronin. Fedor Ivanovich over 35 years from year to year sailed to Novaya Zemlya. First visited there at the age of 15, accompanying his father. In 1874, he saved the Austro-Hungarian expedition of J. Payer and C. Weiprecht, returning in boats from Franz Josef Land, in boats in Pukhov Bay, and brought him to Ward in his schooner, Nikolai. “They welcomed us with honor and cordiality,” wrote Yu. Payer. “Everything that was available on the ship was put at our disposal ... Simple Russian sailors, inhabitants of the Arctic Ocean, tried to please us with their presents.”
In 1875, Voronin very successfully hunted beluga whales in the Karmakul bay. In 1876, he delivered a hut to Maly Karmakuly for the rescue station.
F.I. Voronin was an ardent defender of Russian crafts on Novaya Zemlya and vehemently protested against the dominance of the Norwegians here. In particular, he pointed out that the last monuments of Russian antiquity — crosses and huts — are being destroyed by fuel.
Cape on the Kara coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya between the bays of Chekin and Unknown.


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