Zavalishin Nikolay Irinarkhovich
(1797 - 1847)

Russian navigator, Arctic explorer, world traveler. The older brother of the Decembrists Dmitry and Ippolit Zavalishins.
He came from the noble family of the Zavalishins, dating back to the Rev. Andrian Ondrusovsky.
In 1822, with the rank of lieutenant, he participated in an expedition to explore the White Sea.
In 1823, instead of the ill navigator S.E. Sofronova was enrolled in the expedition of F.P. Litke according to the description of the Murmansk coast and Novaya Zemlya on the New Earth brig. Litke could not get enough of his tireless initiative assistant, who was the soul of all filming on the Lapland coast. Zavalishin participated in the last voyage of the New Earth brig in 1824.
In 1825, he participated in the transition on the frigate "Elena" from Arkhangelsk to Kronstadt.
In the years 1826-1828. Zavalishin was appointed a senior officer on the sloop "Senyavin", which under the command of F.P. Litke made a circumnavigation from Kronstadt around Cape Horn to Russian America (Alaska). From there, the ship sailed to Kamchatka, and then sailed to the Caroline Islands, where Zavalishin was directly involved in the study of the newly discovered Senyavin Islands and Bonin Islands.
Returning to Kamchatka, Zavalishin wrote off illness from the Senyavin and drove through Siberia to Kronstadt, thus completing a trip around the world.
From 1836 he commanded the Baltic Rowing Flotilla until his retirement in 1839 with the rank of captain of the 2nd rank.
The “Notes on the New Earth” written by him were lost in the archives of the Scientific Committee of the Naval Staff.
A bay in the Teriberskaya Bay of the Barents Sea on the Murmansk coast of the Kola Peninsula. Named F.P. Litke in 1823


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