Andrianov Fedor Ivanovich

(1894– 08.02.1938)


Soviet economic leader.

Primary education. Until 1930 - a worker of the district executive committee in Tula, a representative of the Foreign Trade Commissariat in the Far East, took an active part in organizing the first Soviet wintering on  Wrangel Island.

From 1930, he worked at the fish industry enterprises on the Volga, the Caspian Sea, then in the Soyuzryba system, from 1932 the head of the Murmanryba Trust of the People's Commissariat of the Food Industry of the USSR.

Arrested on 09.11.1937, convicted by the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court on charges of participating in a counter-revolutionary terrorist organization. Shot.

Rehabilitated 12/24/1955 of the USSR Armed Forces.

Spit off the northeast coast  Wrangel island. The name given by the first head of  Wrangel island G.A. Ushakov.


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