Avgevich Vitold Ivanovich

(1906 - 1965)

Soviet aerial geodetic surveyor, arctic researcher, honorary polar explorer, doctor of geographical sciences.

Born in a Lithuanian village, after graduating from a technical school, he carried out field geodetic work in the Far North and the Far East.

The most noteworthy and difficult was the wintering in 1935-1937 on the New Siberian Islands, where he showed himself to be a highly qualified specialist and a dedicated worker.

The commander of the polar station "Kotelny Island" Vladimir Sokolov: “Our station has the right to be proud of the completed geodetic works. Surveyor Vitold Ivanovich Avgevich led instrumental shooting of the island, not having a single permanent worker. In the first year of the station, when all the dogs were distracted to travel to Shalaurovo and Kigilyakh, he built trigonometric signs, driving up building materials by hand, on himself. More than once he had to lift a heavy fin on a mountain on his shoulders, since it was impossible to pull sleds over a bare stone. Avgevich always found a way out of a difficult situation. There is no meat for dog food - Avgevich carries with him flour and a trough and cooks soup for dogs, which requires a lot of effort, since after a hike instead of a rest - cooking food. But still a solution is found, the work is being done".

Avgevich found the opportunity to work even in the periods of the opening of the sea and lagoons, when the resulting wide shoots and cracks made the road almost impassable. Using both the sleds and the Yakut boat, he overcame all these obstacles and the work did not stop. As a result, Avgevich was instrumentally shot at a scale of 1: 50,000 - 475 km of the coastal part of the islands of Kotelny and Belkovsky. The configuration of the northern half of the boiler room has changed dramatically, revealed a beautiful bay, called the bay “Tempa”, and an extensive bay, which received the name of the bay “Stakhanovtsev Arctic”. In 1937, the first vessel, the Temp, entered the bay, and in September 1938, the ship Mossovet defended here for six days.

The Hydrographic Department, having accepted the work of Avgevich, recognized it as one of the best, both in quality and quantity, of all represented by polar stations. ”

In 1937, Avgevich left the New Siberian Islands, as he was supposed to enter the Moscow Institute of Engineers of Geodesy, Aerial Photography and Cartography. He boarded the G.Sedov icebreaking steamer, which carried out research work in the Laptev Sea, and found himself wintering in ice. In the spring of 1938, he was already at the station as a passenger on the plane.

Since 1942, after graduating from the aerial and geodetic faculty, MIIGAIK worked for two years at TsNIIGAK, and then in the Glavsevmorut system, where he conducted aerial surveys for ice reconnaissance and charting purposes.

During 1948-1958 Avgevich taught at MIIGAiK, and from 1957 until the end of his life he headed the stereophotogrammetric laboratory of the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

He died in Moscow.

The cove (Vitold) in Voskresensky bay on the bank of Khariton Laptev in the Kara Sea. Named in 1933 by the head of the West Taimyr expedition I.A. Landin.


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