Adlersparre Axel

(27.10.1812 - 16.06.1879)

Representative of the Swedish noble family, sailor, politician.

Born in Ottenby,  Eland Island. His father was a governor in the county of Öland, his sister - artist Sofia Adlerspar.

In 1825 he entered the Cadet Academy in Karlberg, in 1837 became a second lieutenant. Received vacation and sailed for 5 years as a sailor on US merchant and warships under an assumed name.

In 1849 he participated in the Danish-German war.

In 1867-1879 was the representative of Stockholm in the second house of parliament.

He died in Stockholm.

Fjord 10 km long and 2 wide on the north coast of island Northeastern Land, Svalbard. Coordinates 80°10'N  24°00'E.


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