Agard Jacob Georg

(08.12.1813 - 01.07.1901)

Swedish botanist, mycologist, taxonomist.

From 1854 to 1879 he was a professor of botany at the University of Lund.

In 1849 he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, since 1878 a foreign honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Particularly known for his work on the study of algae, continued to replenish the collection of algae, inherited from his father.

Mountains up to 590 m high in the southeastern part of Sabina Land. The coordinates are 78°04.6'N 18°52'E.

Northeastern part of the mountains of Agarda. The coordinates are 78° 05'N 18° 57'E.

The river flowing into the bay of Agard. Coordinates 78° 05.4'N  18° 18.5'E.

The valley is part of the Agarda Valley. The coordinates are 78° 05.5'N  18° 18'E.

The bay is about 5.5 km long and about 9 km wide. The coordinates are 78° 01.5'N  18° 33'E.


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