Ahlstrand  Johan August

(25.08.1822 - 14.06.1896 )


Swedish librarian.

Born in Växjö.

He was a librarian in the library of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the years 1856-1893. He was also an assistant director of the Royal Library in 1865-1878. Ahlstrand is one of the first Swedish librarians who gave a deeper understanding of modern library technologies. Ahlstrand's work is particularly important in the library of the scientific academy, which under his leadership has grown to become the leading scientific libraries in Sweden. In younger years, Ahlstrand participated in the publishing business of a Swedish publishing company.

In 1889 he was elected to the Academy of Sciences. All my life I was interested in polar research.

He died in Stockholm.

The peninsula is 3.5 km wide on the south side of the Van Keulenfjord Bay, in the very north of the Wedel Jarlsberg Land. Coordinates 77º 33.3'N   15° 00.0'E.


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