Amdrup Georg Karl

(19.11.1866 15.01.1947)


Danish naval officer, vice admiral and explorer of Greenland.

He began his service in the Royal Danish Navy in 1884. He was sent to Angmagssalik province in southeastern Greenland. After wintering, he went north and mapped a large part of the east coast of Greenland to the Ikerssuak fjord at 67°N, collecting many geological and ethnological finds. By July 1885 he reached the island of Aggas (67°22'N).

In the years 1898-1900 Lieutenant Amdrup was the leader of a major Danish expedition, the expedition of the Carlsberg Foundation to East Greenland. His companions were the botanist Christian Krause, the ornithologist Knud Poulsen and the sailors A. Jacobsen and Soren P. Nielsen. They left Copenhagen on August 16, 1898, sailing from Copenhagen aboard the ship "Gothab" and reaching Angmagssalik on August 31. The purpose of the expedition was to study the coastline between 66°N and the bay of Scoresby at 70°N. The following year, they drove the coast north to 67°22'N, creating several warehouses for future journeys to the north.

During this expedition were found the remains of a small, extinct settlement of the Eskimos. From this trip, Amdrup brought a large ethnographic collection to Denmark.

In 1899 Amdrop bought the ship "Antarctica" from Alfred Nathorst and in June 1900 undertook an expedition of 11 people to Eastern Greenland. Here are divided into two groups. Those remaining on board explored the outskirts of Skorsby Bay and the fjords to the north. The Amdrup group in the small boat “Aggas”, having suffered great difficulties and dangers, explored the coast further south. They were picked up by "Antarctida" in Agmagssalik in September, and returned to Denmark on October 4 with significant collections of botanical, geological and zoological specimens.

Since 1905, Amdrup worked as an adjutant of his friend, the Prince of Danish Valdemar. He was a member of the Committee of the Danish Expedition to the northeast coast of Greenland in 1906-1908.

In 1913, Amdrup was appointed a member of the Greenland Research Commission in Greenland, of which he was chairman from 1930 to 1931.

In 1916, Amdrup was promoted to the rank of commander, in 1925 in rear admirals, in 1927 – Vice Admiral.

He died in Copenhagen.

Territory (Land Amdrup) in northeastern Greenland (80.916°N and 16.583°W).

Fjord on the east coast of Greenland (68.216°N and 32.333°W).


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