Andersson Johan Gunnar

(03.07.1874 - 29.10.1960)

Swedish archaeologist, paleontologist and geologist, professor of geology (1924) and archeology of East Asia (1934) of Stockholm University.

Born in Knista, United Kingdom Sweden and Norway.

After graduating from Uppsala University, he participated in Arctic expeditions: in 1898 he was part of the expedition of Nathorst to Svalbard and  Bear Island, in 1899 led the expedition to Bear Island. In the years 1901-1903. participated in the Swedish Antarctic expedition on the ship "Antarctic".

In 1914, Andersson was invited to China as a mining adviser to the Chinese government. During his time in China, he helped train the first generation of geologists in China, and also made many discoveries of iron ore deposits and other minerals.

Andersson was one of the founders of the archaeological study of China (he worked since 1914). Discovered Zhoukoudian, Yanshao and other monuments of the Stone and Bronze Age. He wrote the first generalizing works on the cultures of China of this time.

In 1929, he founded the Stockholm Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities and was its first director.

He died in Stockholm. Place of burial unknown.

A small island near the southeastern coast of the island of Medvezhy, Spitsbergen, north of Hvalrossbukta Bay. Coordinates 74º 23'N    19° 12'E.

Bay on the west coast of the Barents Island, Svalbard. Coordinates 78°10'N   20°30'E.


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