Andree Karl Theodore

(20.10.1808 - 10.08.1875)

German geographer, publicist and editor.

Born in Northern Germany in the south-east of the current federal state of Lower Saxony - in the city of Brunswick.

In 1826 he entered the University of Jena, from which he later moved to the University of Berlin, and then to the University of Göttingen.

In 1830, Andre received a degree in Jena, returned to his hometown and began to prepare for the rank of associate professor.

For participation in student riots, Andre was brought to the investigation, and although the court acquitted him in 1838, his life career he had planned was spoiled. Then he devoted himself entirely to literary and journalistic activities, and since 1838 , as editor of the “Mainzer Zeitung”, fought against the sympathy of the French at that time on the Rhine.

In 1851, Andre founded the Bremer Handelsblatt newspaper. Subsequently, he and Ginet edited the Oberdeutsche Zeitung in Karlsruhe,   in 1843, he took the place of the chief editor of the Kölnische Zeitung , in 1846 edited the Bremer Zeitung , and in 1848 returned to Braunschweig to edit the Deutsche Reichszeitung.

From 1851 to 1853, Andre supervised the Bremer Handelsblatt he founded, in which he defended the general customs union of Germany, and from 1855 settled in Dresden.

Since 1855, Andre has devoted himself entirely to geography and ethnography, consistently working in Leipzig and Dresden.

In 1858, he was appointed consul of the Republic of Chile in the Kingdom of Saxony and acted temporarily in Leipzig in that rank.

During the American Civil War, he was on the side of the separatists.

In 1862, Andre founded the important geographical journal Globus.

He died in Wildungen.

A small peninsula in the west of. Edge island, Svalbard. The coordinates are 77°20'N  22°30'E.


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