Basov Emelyan Sofronovich



Kazak, in 1733 he was promoted to sergeants and assigned to the command of the Okhotsk port to collect yasak in Kamchatka. Soon, Basov was sent to Moscow, to the Siberian order, to accompany the yasak - to give fur to the Russian tsar from his Kamchadal subjects. Here, in the Siberian order, he obtained permission for long-distance sea trips to find new lands and drive to foreigners.

In Irkutsk , according to the official paper, Emelyan was given gifts for the islanders, guns and powder for a hike, but the port commander Devier , son-in-law of Prince Alexander Menshikov, forbade the construction of a ship at the expense of the state.

It was only in the autumn of 1742 that Basov managed to get back to Kamchatka as a convoy of the exiled Prince Alexander Dolgorukov . In the Bolsheretsk prison, Basov met with one of the leaders of the Second Kamchatka expedition, Martyn Shpanberg , and he agreed to release Basov with his brother on a government canoe from Bolsheretsk to the Kuril Islands . But ... halfway through Shpanberg, without giving any reason, he returned Basov back and selected the canoe.

In 1742, the members of the crew of the “Saint Apostle Peter” packet ship returned to Kamchatka after a heavy wintering on Komandorsky Island. Their stories about the fur wealth of the island shook the whole of Kamchatka. Basov went to Nizhnekamchatsk and began to act ...

In 1744-1747, Basov, with the Irkutsk merchant Trapeznikov, made new voyages in this direction. According to his example, Siberians began to travel farther and farther to the fields and gradually opened up the entire group of the Aleutian Islands.

In 1756 for the production of counterfeit money put on trial and suffered public punishment.

Bay and peninsula to the north of the bay Hramchenko on the east coast of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya. Bay opened and called A.K. Tsivolka. The peninsula was named after the Gulf in 1952 by the Novaya Zemlya Hydrographic Expedition of the Hydrographic Enterprise Ministry of the Navy.


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