Becker Moritz-Alois 

Austrian teacher and topographer. 
Born in Alstatt (Schoenberg district in Moravia), he attended lectures in Vienna. From 1840 he was the home teacher of the Prince of Liechtenstein. 
In 1850 Becker joined the College Council in Lower Austria, and in this post he did a lot to improve school education, published a number of very common textbooks. In 1864 he was invited to teach at the Crown Prince Rudolf and the Duchess Gizella, and from 1869 he headed the private library of the imperial family. 
The historical works of Becker are mainly devoted to the history of the Austrian Empire and the study of the topographical conditions of Lower Austria. 
An island in the north of the archipelago Franz-Josef Land. Opened and named in 1874, by Yu. Payer.


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