Berggren  Sven

(12.08.1837 - 28.06.1917)

Swedish nerd.

Born in Skåne, Sweden.

He was a professor at Lund University in the years 1883-1902, later at Uppsala University. Elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1880.

Berggren collected plants on a number of trips to obscure regions of the world, for example. Svalbard in 1868, Greenland in 1870 (both times with the Nordensheld expedition), and in 1873 to New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and California. He collected and described valuable collections of bryophytes and, to a lesser extent, vascular plants, algae and fungi. His collections are kept at Lund University.

He died in Lund.

An island in the south of the Hinlopen Strait, Svalbard. The coordinates are 79° 10'N   19° 00'E.


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