Bergström  Per Axel

(20.08.1823 - 23.08.1893)


Swedish lawyer and politician.

Bergstrom was born in Lund in the family of Isak Bergstrem, director of the hotel in Helsingborg. He became an 1840th student in Lund and a Master of Philosophy of 1844. In 1846 he received a degree giving the right to participate in legal proceedings. He became a lawyer in appellate Scone and Blekinge, where in 1863 he was appointed expert.

In the years 1870-1875. Bergström served as civil minister, in 1888 - Minister of Justice, was a member of the second chamber from 1867 to 1878 and the first chamber from 1882 to 1893, in 1876-1893. was the governor of Örebro.

He died in Örebro.

Cape on the north coast of the island of Northeastern Land, Svalbard. Coordinates 80° 20'N   24° 30'E.


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