Bertrand (Bertrand) Marseille Alexander 

French geologist, member of the Academy of Sciences of Paris (1896), foreign corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1899), professor of the mining school in Paris. 
Born in Paris. The founder of modern plate tectonics. Son mathematician Joseph Louis Francois Bertrand.
 He graduated from the Polytechnic School and Eco Polytechnique and the Higher National Gogr School in Paris, to which he will later return as a professor.

Bertrand first introduced the concept of the periodic nature of large tectonic movements and the main epochs of folding (Huronian, Caledonian, Hercynian, Alpine), and established a number of regularities in the development of magmatic processes. His observations in the Alps marked the beginning of the theory of sharyazh.

He died in Paris. Buried in the cemetery of Montparnasse.


Montparnasse Cemetery

Cape in the north-west of the island of Greeley archipelago Franz-Josef Land.


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