Bezborodov Vasily Fedorovich

( ? - 25.01.1962)





A native of the village of Mudyuga, he began to sail from the age of eight on his father's fishing vessel.

He graduated from the Patrakeevsky nautical school, evening department of the Arkhangelsk Marine Technical School. For six years in a row, he walked on the legendary Perseus as a navigator, and finally, in the summer of 1930, he was appointed captain of the hundred-ton bot "N. Knipovich" in a high-latitude expedition N.N.Zubov.

Although the entire voyage took twenty days then, it became a noticeable milestone in the development of the Arctic. “We are pleased that we have reached 81° 20 ' , - wrote N. Zubov. - We did not break records of latitude. We have not discovered or closed anything, but still everyone will know about our voyage along the chain of depths that we stretched from the very shores of Norway”.

From this voyage, Bezborodov returned so cold that doctors forbade him to swim in the Arctic, after which he left the State Oceanographic Institute. However, a strong body still overcame the illness, and Bezborodov returned to the sea, and almost until his retirement he sailed as a captain in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Trawling Fleets.Being a man extremely modest, he did not recall his past pioneering achievements. Until his death, Vasily Fedorovich never found out that scientists, prematurely burying him after that hard high-latitude voyage, perpetuated his name during his lifetime on the map of the most northern Soviet archipelago.

Cape in the north of Salisbury Island archipelago Franz Josef Land. Named by Soviet hydrographs in 1955.


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