Beck Christian Peter Bianco

(09.09.1798 - 07.07.1877)


Norwegian doctor, zoologist and mountaineer.

Born and raised in Kongsberg, where his father worked at Silver Mines.

From 1817 he studied the natural sciences and medicine at Queen’s University Frederick (now the University of Oslo). After medical research, he traveled around Europe accompanied by Niels Henrik Abel and Balthazar Matthias Keilhau. In 1820, he made a botanical expedition to Jotunheimenu, with a starting point from the Scrabergo farm, where he studied many years ago. This trip, which he undertook with Keilau, led to the first ascent of the Norwegian mountain peaks of Kalvehoghdi, Folkettind and Nordre Skagastolstund and the exploration of some lakes.

Beck worked as a teacher in the field of veterinary medicine at the University of Oslo (1828-1840). Later he became a professor of physiology.

In 1836, Beck and the famous Norwegian geologist Keilau made a route along the Norwegian coast from Oslo to Trondheim to study the tectonic structure of Norway. On this trip, Beck received first-hand knowledge of various areas of geology. On several trips abroad, sometimes accompanied by Keilau, Beck visited many scientific institutions and contacted leading geologists and biologists, including the paleontologist Alexander Bronniarth.

Beck also collaborated with Michael Sars. Beck's extensive knowledge of the natural sciences and foreign scientific research allows us to consider him a central figure in these sciences. He was one of the founders of the Academy of Sciences and the Medical Association in Oslo.

In 1849, Beck was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

He died in Oslo.

A small island in Orvin Land on the north coast of the island of Northeastern Land, Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 80°10'N  25° 30'E.


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