Bogatyrev Afanasy Danilovich 

Pilot, the first captain-Yakut, one of the veterans of Yakutia water transport, an active participant in the development of the Arctic. 
Bogatyrev went through a glorious life journey from a rural farmhand to the famous captain of the Lena River Shipping Company. 
Born into the family of a poor peasant Debderginsky naslega Tattinsky ulus. From eight years old, he seduced, and in 1901 he hired a sailor on the steamer of the shipowner Gromova. Since that time, his name has been associated with the development of water transport in Yakutia for many years.During the years 1907-1929. Bogatyrev worked first as a navigator, and then as a pilot on the first Lena steamer in this region. He was a great connoisseur of constantly changing navigation conditions in the Lena Delta. In 1930, Bogatyrev received his diploma as a captain and from then until the end of his life he walked captain on many ships cruising the Lena, Olenka, Yana, Indigirka and other major Yakut rivers. He was the captain of the ship Partizan Schetinkin, in 1936, for the first time, he sailed the First Five-Year Plan with 16 barges from Tiksi to Yakutsk along the Lena River.
An experienced riverman before the revolution began to compile a handwritten pilot map of Lena. Ten years of continued hard work on this map. She saw the light after the revolution and for a long time served as a desk guide for Lena pilots. Bogatyrev took an active part in the work of polar expeditions O.Yu. Schmidt, N.I. Evgenov, F.A. Mathisen, in the Lena ichthyological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR 1926-1927, in the organization of a number of polar hydrometeorological stations on the islands and the coast of the Laptev Sea. He was the captain-mentor of the Lena-Kolyma expedition under the command of P.G. Milovzorov, responsible pilot of the Lena-Kolyma expedition Dalstroi. 


Dry cargo ship "Captain Bogatyrev" on the Lena River

Bogatyrev combined his many-sided practical work with social activities: he was a member of the
Yakutsk Central Executive Committee, elected a deputy of the Yakutsk City Council, a deputy of the Supreme Councils of the YASSR, took an active part in solving problematic issues of the Lena River Shipping Company. In the 1930s, on the initiative of Bogatyryov, a shipyard in Peledua was organized. He willingly passed on all his knowledge and many years of experience to the young, took care of the training of highly qualified national personnel of riverman. Bogatyrev's impeccable half-century activity was highly appreciated: he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of the Badge of Honor and medals. 
A shallow in the delta of Lena. Named in 1920, by F.A. 


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