Brandt Wilhelm Ivanovich 

Head of Arkhangelsk, merchant I guild, Dutch, Hanover, Danish and Bremen consul in Arkhangelsk. 
Born in Hamburg in a broker family, in 1793 he arrived in Arkhangelsk and until 1798 served in the Arkhangelsk trading company of A. Becker. 
In 1802, Brandt, together with his father Jacob and on equal footing with the merchant Rodde, founded a trading house that was engaged in the import of colonial goods and the export of Russian products. 

In 1809, Brandt took Russian citizenship and was enrolled in the first guild merchants. He founded the Wilhelm Brant trading company in Arkhangelsk, which quickly began to flourish. 
For some reason, Brandt stopped commercial activities, left Arkhangelsk, but four years later he returned and quickly regained his position, becoming one of the richest people in the city. He organized the production of sugar, was the owner of a number of sawmills and woodworking enterprises in the Arkhangelsk, Olonets, St. Petersburg and Kostroma provinces, two shipyards, rope factory, was a member of the St. Petersburg Accounting Bank, chairman of numerous industrial partnerships. Interested in the development of the Novaya Zemlya fields Brandt together with a major Arkhangelsk official P.I. Klokov (
Pakhtusov named in his honor  Bay, Cape and the river on the Kara bank of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya) provided the equipment for the expedition of P.K. Pakhtusov.

Suddenly died a few days before the departure of the expedition. He was buried at the Kuznechevsky (Vologda) cemetery. 
Cape and Bay on the east coast of the southern island of New Earth. He was described and named Pakhtusov in 1833.


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