Brady  Henry 

English chemist, pharmacist, geologist. 
Born in Gateshead in the family of a surgeon. He began work as a pharmacist in Newcastle. 
Brady conducted research at the interface of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and geology. He was the founder of the British Pharmaceutical Congress, was the president of scientific meetings in Bridgeton in 1872 and in Bradford in 1873, was the leading authority on foraminiferami. In his honor, in 1878, Valerian von Moller named the new species he singled out. 
Brady was a member of several scientific societies, he processed materials on foraminifera raised from the ocean floor in the voyage of the Challenger vessel in 1873–1876. 
He died in Bornmaus, buried in the old cemetery in Newcastle. 
An island in the south of Franz Josef Land. 
Opened and named expedition B. Lee-Smith in 1880.


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