Breugger Waldemar Christopher 

Norwegian Petrograph, professor. 
Born in Christiania (Oslo).

During the years 1881-1890, Breugger was a professor of mineralogy and geology at the University of Stockholm, and from 1890 at the University of Christiania. He was also the rector and president of the senate of the royal university in Christiania. Honorary Degree Ph.D.was awarded to him at the University of Heidelberg and doctor of law at the University of Glasgow. At the Royal Society of London, he was awarded the Murchison Medal in 1891 and the Wollaston Medal in 1911. Breugger was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, since 1898 a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the category of physical sciences, an honorary member since February 1, 1930. The main subject of his research was the problem of differentiation of igneous rocks in the process of their consolidation from magma.

Breugger was the initiator of the creation in 1896 of the “Nansen Foundation”, with the publicist Nurdal Rolfson published the book “Fridtjof Nansen, 1861–1893”.



Entrance to the cemetery of the Savior

He died in Oslo. He was buried at the Savior cemetery in Oslo, section 043, row 02, grave 014. 
A peninsula, a glacier, a mountain on the island of West Spitsbergen on the coast of the Forlansunnet strait.

Cape in the west of the island of Karl Alexander in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Named in 1895 F. Nansen.


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