Bubnov Fedor Andreevich


Russian military sailor.

In 1820 he entered the Marine Corps as a cadet, a year later he was promoted to midshipmen.

In 1824, Bubnov on the frigate Merkurius sailed from Kronstadt to Iceland. His co-worker in this voyage was A.L Junker.

In 1826 he was made a midshipman, and the following year, under the command of Junker, Bubnov participated in the shooting of the White Sea on the schooner No.2.

 All subsequent service Bubnova held on the Baltic Sea. His achievements were awarded orders of St. Stanislav 3 degrees, St. Anne 3 degrees and St. George 4 degrees for 25 years of service in the officer ranks.

Dismissed in 1854 with the rank of captain 1 rank.

He died in St. Petersburg, buried in the now defunct Mitrofanyevskoye cemetery.

The strait between the islands of Nelidov and Bogoslovsky at the entrance to the Gulf of Reinek in the south of Novaya Zemlya. He was named P.K. Pakhtusov in 1833.


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