Bukhteev Afanasy Mikhailovich 

Major General Corps hydrographs. 
In 1882 he graduated from the Marine Corps, in 1884–1885 served on the frigate “General-Admiral”. 
In 1888, after graduating from the Nikolaev Maritime Academy, Bukhteev conducted hydrographic surveys of Lake Onega during 1889–1891, then until 1894 he worked in the Black Sea basin. 
In 1896, Bukhteev made his first acquaintance with the Arctic: he conducted measurements off the coast of Novaya Zemlya from the board of the "Samoyed" transport. 
Then, as an assistant chief of the hydrographic expedition and chief of the survey party, Bukhteev worked on Lake Baikal. In 1905, in the rank of captain 2 rank, he headed the hydrographic work of a separate shooting of the Murmansk coast, which lasted until 1912. 
In 1908, Bukhteev was promoted to captain of the 1st rank, and in 1912 - to the major general with a transfer in 1913 to the corps of hydrographs. During 1912–1917 He served as assistant chief of the State University. 
The last field of Bukhteev’s activity was the post of chief of the hydrographic expedition of the Black Sea, which he held until 1918. 
Returning to Petrograd, for some time he supervised the analysis of materials of the hydrographic department, injured in Yaroslavl during a fire.

March 25, 1920 on the ship "Burgermeister Schröder" Bukhteev was evacuated from Novorossiysk. In the summer of 1920 was on  Lemnos Island, and then moved to Yugoslavia. He died in Ottok (Bosnia). 
Cape on the east coast of the island Komsomolets archipelago Severnaya Zemlya. It was opened in 1913 and is named by hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean 1910–1915 on the icebreakers "Taimyr" and "Vaigach".


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