Butakov Alexander Nikolaevich



Russian military sailor, Captain 1st Rank, Land Major General, one of the representatives of the noble family of Butakov, Major General for the Admiralty, director of the Department of Ship Forests, a writer and translator.

He was born in the family estate near the village of Pchelkino of Kostroma district, Kostroma province in the noble family of sergeant Nikolai Dmitrievich Butakov and his wife Avdotya Nikolaevna Sablina.

Up to 16 years brought up at home. In April 1795 he entered the Marine Corps, in May he was already promoted to midshipmen and sent to the battleship "Europe", on which his older brothers served at the same time. The ship participated in the campaign of the Russian squadron, the blockade of the Dutch coast and the landing of the island on the island of Texel. In May 1996, Butakova was fired as midshipmen. In the years 1800-1801 he commanded the military transport "Griebswald", and in 1802 the frigate "Tikhvin Mother of God", which cruised in the Baltic Sea.

During the years 1803-1806 along with other officers, Butakov served as a volunteer in the English fleet, sailed in the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, visited the West Indies, participated in the seizure of slave ships carrying Negro slaves from Africa to the islands of the Caribbean. In June 1804 he was promoted to lieutenant, in 1805, he participated in battles with the French fleet at Cadix and near Trafalgar on the ship "Victoria".

Information about him is extremely scarce. In 1835 he was the manager of the Baltic Ship Forests District. Compiled atlas of marine words and sayings, for that he was granted a diamond ring.

In 1832 he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of 4 degrees.

Dismissed from service in 1843.

He died in Kostroma.

The rivers (Upper, Middle, Lower) on the east coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Called P.K.by  in 1833.


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