Danielsen Daniel Cornelius

(04.07.1815 - 13.07.1894)


Norwegian doctor. He was best known for his research into the causes of leprosy and its treatment.

Born in Bergen. In 1839 he was associated with the St. Jorgen Hospital in Bergen. He later worked with Gerhard Armauer Hansen, discovering the bacteria that cause leprosy, and made Bergen the world center for leprosy research in the mid-nineteenth century.

With the dermatologist Carl Wilhelm Beck, he co-authored the famous leprosy study entitled Om Spedalshead (1847).

In October 1849, Danielsen was appointed Chief Physician at Lunggaard Hospital.

In 1859, German pathologist Rudolf Virchow visited Danielsen in Bergen to study leprosy.

In the years 1876-1878 Danielsen served as a zoologist for the Norwegian Arctic expedition, for several years he was chairman of the Norwegian Society for the Improvement of Fisheries. In addition, for several years he was the representative of Bergen in the Storting.

Since 1877, Danielsen was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

He died in Bergen.

A small island in Orvin Land near the eastern part of the northern coast of North-Eastern Earth. Coordinates 80° 10'N   25° 30'E.


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