Demidov Dmitry Alekseevich

(1800- ?)

Russian military sailor.

He studied at the Marine Corps, two years later he was promoted to midshipman, in 1815 - to midshipman.

In the years 1816-1818. on the lanyger “Ganymede” sailed between Kronstadt and Revel, in 1817 on the ship “Myrronets” from Kronstadt to Calais, in 1818 - on the lugger"Cerberus" in the Gulf of Finland.

In 1819-1821Demidov participated in the historic voyage on the sloop "Vostok" under the command of F.F. Bellingshausen, marked by the discovery of Antarctica. He was promoted to lieutenant and awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, 4 degrees

In 1823, Demidov cruised in the Baltic Sea on the Assistant Frigate, and in 1824 commanded the Kelty brig in inventory and measurement in the White Sea.

In 1830 he was promoted to captain-lieutenant, in 1831 he was transferred as commander to 1 working crew, renamed to Majors.

In 1832, he was dismissed from service with the rank of captain 2 rank.

In 1853 - 1855 Demidov was the leader of the nobility of Maloarkhangelsky district. In 1855, M.F. Reyneke, returning from Nikolaev to Petersburg, visited him, who lived on his estate in the Oryol province.

When and where he died, where buried is not known. Perhaps in the village of Pokrovsky in Orlovschine.

Islands in the Gulf of Pakhtusov off the southern coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named by P.K. Pakhtusov in 1833.


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