Demin Leonid Aleksandrovich 

Russian sailor, hydrograph surveyor, engineer and rear admiral, doctor of geographical sciences. 
Born in Kozlov in the family of a railroad worker, he graduated from the Kozlovskoe Commercial School. Already in the period of study in the Kherson school of long voyage during 1914–1917. Demin sailed on merchant ships, and after graduating from college he was enlisted as a midshipman in a wartime midshipmen school. 
Revolution Demin met in the post of watch the chief of the cruiser "Aurora". In 1918 he took part in the famous ice campaign of the Baltic Fleet ships from Helsingfors to Petrograd. 
After transferring to the Hydrographic Administration, he sailed on hydrographic vessels, studied in the navigational class of the United classes of specialists of the fleet commanders, commanded the hydrographic vessel "Orel". 
In 1924, Demin graduated from the Hydrographic Faculty of the Military Medical Academy and was sent to the Far East, where, under the guidance of B.V. Davydov joined the work on the restoration of hydrographic services in the Pacific Ocean. Until 1937, he headed the hydrographic-navigator department of Ubecodalvost, a separate hydrographic detachment, and a hydrographic expedition. Under his leadership, as a rule, in heavy, dangerous conditions for people and ships, a large amount of hydrographic work was carried out in the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea and the lower Amur from the mouth to the confluence of the Ussuri. In 1947, for many years of research into the Far Eastern seas and the Bering Sea sector, the Geographical Society awarded Demin the F.P. Gold Medal. 


Plaque on the house

L.A. Demina in St. Petersburg,

st. Savushkina, 20

In 1939–1940 Demin taught at the Department of Hydrography at the Higher Naval School named after GK Ordzhonikidze. 
During the war, Demin served in the Navy Commissariat, and from 1942 he headed the main editorial board of the Sea Atlas for 22 years. Under his leadership, a fundamental three-volume cartographic publication on the general and physical geography of the oceans and seas and naval history was released. For the creation of the first volume of the "Sea Atlas" the team was awarded the Stalin Prize of 1 degree.
In 1964–1966 Demin headed the department of military hydrography and oceanography of the Military Medical Academy. 
Among the numerous awards of Demin are the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of the Patriotic War of 1 degree and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. 
He died in Leningrad, was buried at the Serafimov cemetery. 
Bay in the Chukchi Sea west of Cape Heart-Stone. Named by Soviet hydrographs.


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