Dickson Oscar 

A rich Swedish merchant, a representative of a family of immigrants from Scotland who emigrated to Sweden at the beginning of the XIX century.
His father, James Dixon, together with his brother Robert founded a merchant firm that quickly rose to its feet. Both brothers became widely known for their generosity and breadth of views. Oscar Dickson inherited his father’s case and fully supported his reputation. Since 1868, a number of Swedish Arctic expeditions have been organized with one or another of its participation. 
Dickson did everything necessary to implement the ideas of N.-A.E. Nordenskiöld, subsidizing his first expeditions to Svalbard and to Greenland. In subsequent years, he financed the Nordenskiöld expeditions along the northern shores of Russia, including jointly with the Swedish king Oscar and A.M. Sibiryakov, and the famous expedition of 1878–1879, which was marked by the first through navigation on the Northeast Passage in history. For the help of the Nordenskjold expedition, Dixon received the nobility and the title of baron. 
With the participation of Dixon organized expedition F. Nansen on the "Fram", for which he paid for the installation of electrical equipment, a balloon flight by S. Andre, as well as a Danish expedition to the Kara Sea on the ship "Dymphna". Dixon was a doctor at Uppsala University, since 1875 a member of the Royal Geographical Society. 
He died in his estate Almnos near Stockholm. 
He was buried in the family grave at  the Ergrüte old cemetery near Gothenburg.



Dickson Island

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Village Dikson

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Dickson Island. Memorial to the sailors dezhnevtsam.

Their names are the islands off the north coast about cnhjdf Dickson and the archipelago

Northeast Islands in the Kara Sea.

(photo by Vlad Vasilyev)



The remains of the former "Capital of the Arctic"

(photo by Vlad Vasilyev)

Island, harbor, port, village in the Kara Sea. In 1875, Nordenskiöld named the island’s bay "Dixon Harbor". Later, the island was also called the harbor, although in 1738 the navigator F.A. Minin called the island "Great Northeast", and local Russian industrialists called it "Dolgiy" In 1894, the modern name secured A.I. Vilkitsky. 
An island in the Franklin Strait in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Peninsula (Dixon Land) on the island of Western Spitsbergen.

Cape ( Kapp Oscar) in the north-east of King's Island in the King Charles Archipelago, Spitsbergen. The coordinates are 78° 57.4'N   28° 55.5'E.

Bay (Dikson-fjord) in the north Isfiord Bay West Svalbard Island.


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