Galanin Konstantin Semenovich 
(23.02.1905– 17.09.1941)

Hydrograph, engineer-capitan rank 1 rank. 
Born in the village of Yagorba, Mologa district, Yaroslavl province, in a peasant family. 
In 1927 he graduated from the Higher Maritime School named after M.F. Frunze and was assigned to the Northern Hydrographic Expedition, as part of which participated in the hydrographic survey off the west coast of Novaya Zemlya and in the White Sea. Then led the hydrographic work in the Gulf of Finland. 
In 1934, Galanin graduated from the Hydrographic Faculty of the Military Medical Academy, in 1941 headed the GU State Medical Academy. 
In September 1941, a decision was made to relocate the State Institution of the Main Directorate of Medical and Social Development to Krasnoyarsk. The move was carried out in several groups. 
The first group of officers of the Directorate with part of the valuable documents was evacuated by car through Shlisselburg and Tikhvin. Having survived the bombing in the Shlisselburg region, the group safely reached Moscow. 
The second group, consisting of the command and part of the officers of the Directorate, crossed Lake Ladoga by gunboat and also arrived safely at their destination. 
The third group, which included several officers of the Office and the Cartographic Department, as well as a significant part of the employees of these units, were sent across the lake by barge. There were cadets and the command and teaching staff of the Higher Naval Hydrographic School named after GK Ordzhonikidze and cadets of other naval schools. In total, the group consisted of about one and a half thousand people. 
 People were taken by train to the station of Lake Ladoga. On September 17, the tug "Eagle" with a barge left Osinovets in the direction of Novaya Ladoga. During the storm, the cable connecting the barge with the tug broke, the hull of the barge was damaged, it began to sink into the water.   The tragedy occurred in the area of Ptinov Island. About 200 people picked up the tug, the rest died. Galanin and his wife were among the dead.

In commemoration of the sailors who drowned and died on Ladoga in 1941–1944, a memorial “Ladoga Kurgan” was created 500 m south-west of Lake Ladoga station with the names of all the victims.


Cape southeast of the island of South Hochstetter. The name was given by polar hydrographs and approved in 1963 by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee (Decision No. 651).


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