Gastello Nikolay Frantsevich 

Soviet military pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union. 
Born in Moscow in a working class family. He worked as a mechanic at the Murom Locomotive-Building Plant and the State Mechanical Plant for Construction Machines. In the years 1930-1932 lived in the village of Khlebnikovo (now in the city of Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region). 
In May 1932, a special recruitment of Gastello was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. In 1933, he graduated from the Lugansk Military Aviation Pilot School and during 1934–1939. served in the bomber aviation brigade in Rostov-on-Don. 
The first battle check was held at Khalkhin-Gol as part of the 150th high-speed bomber aviation regiment, then participated in the Finnish war of 1939–1940.

In May 1941, he was appointed commander of the 4th Squadron of the 207th Long-Range Aviation Regiment, in which he joined the battle from the first hour of World War II. He made his first sortie on June 22, 1941 at 5.00 o'clock.


Memorial plaque.

Moscow, 2nd Sokolnicheskaya street, house, 3

Memorial plaque

Petersburg, Gastello street, house, 10

On June 26, 1941, in the second half of the day, Gastello flew at the head of DB-3F to attack the German troops in the Molodechno – Radoshkovichi area, advancing on Minsk. Fighter cover was not. The pilots found a German tank column, moving on the highway. Having dropped to 400 meters, they dropped bombs on enemy tanks and cars. After exiting the attack, Gastello ordered his knowledgeable lieutenants Vorobiev and Rybas to return to the airfield, and he headed for another road, a country road.On it, too, was a column. Having descended to an extremely small height, he walked along it. The arrows Kalinin and Skorobogaty, firing machine guns, knocked out 12 cars (including passenger and staff buses), but caught fire from the anti-aircraft gun DB-3F. Gastello turned into his territory. The fire flared up more and more, it was not possible to knock down the flame. Realizing that they could not reach their end, Gastello sent a burning plane to a German military unit stationed in the village of Mocky. He turned the car over the forest, but did not reach the village - the plane fell at the edge of the forest. 
Glacier in the north-west of the island Bolshevik archipelago Severnaya Zemlya. Named by Arctic geologists in the 1950s.


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