Goryakov Stepan


Kormshchik, shuerechanin. He walked in 1842 to the northwestern shores of Novaya Zemlya. On Bogaty Island, Russkaya Harbor put up a cross, discovered in 1930 by an expedition on the icebreaker "G. Sedov". The inscription on the cross reads: “S.K. was set up by an industrialist by a feeder Shueretsky Stepan Goryakov and his comrades, 1842, August 8, Day Place Barents as old by the Rich Island”.

Peninsula in the Gulf of Russian Harbor.he first winters of the polar station Russkaya Gavan in 1932-1933 called it "Mikheev's peninsula". However, when mapping in Arctic Research Institute  in 1934, the name given by the expedition on the icebreaker steamer “G. Sedov.


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