Gore-Booth Henry William

Deputy Head of the Judicial and Executive Authorities, Justice of the Peace of Sligo County, Member of the Royal Geographical Society since 1879, Baronet, Traveler. 
Born in Ireland on the estate of Leissadell on the shores of Sligo Bay.

In 1871, he hired an Isbjorn kutter, in which J. Payer and C. Weyprecht made their reconnaissance voyage to the Barents Sea.

For the first time, Gori-Butt became known to geographers for his voyage into the Arctic seas in 1879, when he accompanied A.G. Markhem in the campaign to the arch. ZFI on the yacht "Polar Bear". Although it was not possible to reach the archipelago, the expedition proved to be very useful for studying the state of ice between Novaya Zemlya and Spitsbergen. In 1882, he was the organizer and one of the participants of the expedition to rescue B. Lee-Smith and his team.

Gori-Booth paid much attention to literary work. The main themes of his works were the Arctic, traveling on a yacht, hunting for whales, sharks, polar bears. 

“Icebjorn” in Matochkin shar. Gori-Booth with a rifle.


In 1872, he was appointed supreme sheriff of the county.

Died of flu in St. Moritz.

Strait (Booth) in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land between the Jackson and Payer Islands on the one hand and Ziegler Island on the other. He named in 1897 by F. Jackson.


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