Günther Albert Karl Ludwig Gotgelf

(03.10.1830 - 01.02.1914)

A zoologist of German origin, who worked mainly in Britain, ichthyologist and herpetologist, a member of the Royal Society of London.

Born in Esslingen am Neckar in Swabia, (Württemberg). He studied theology in Berlin and Bonn. In Tübingen, Günther studied medicine. For the study of fish Neckar in 1853 received his doctorate.

In 1857, Günther moved to London and became an assistant at the zoological department of the British Museum, was engaged in ichthyology, and after the death of John Edward Gray in 1875, became the director of this department (held office until 1895).

In 1865, Günther founded the annual edition of the Records of zoological litterature, the first 6 vols. which he published himself. The main work of Günther is the eight-catalog “Catalog of Fish”, compiled by him during 1859–1870. He also studied reptiles and amphibians from the museum collection.

Gunter was elected a member of the Royal Society in 1867 and was its vice-president in 1875-1876. In 1874 he received British citizenship. For nearly forty years (1868–1905) he served on the council of the Zoological Society. In 1877, he was elected a member of the Linnaean Society, whose president was in the years 1896-1900.

In 1882 he was elected a foreign corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Physics and Mathematics Department of the category of biological sciences.

Died at Kew Gardens.

Bay (Gunter) on the north-west coast of Northbrook Island archipelago Franz Josef Land. Named by the expedition of B. Lee Smith in 1880.


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