Gushchin Pavel Antonovich 

Arctic hydrograph, honorary polar explorer. 
Born in Tsaritsyn in the family of a peasant. In 1927, after graduating from the seven-year school, he moved to Leningrad to his elder brother and enrolled as a fitter at the Elektrotok plant. A year later, according to the schedule of the Moscow-Narva District Committee of the Komsomol, he was sent to study at the Naval School named after M.V. Frunze, which he graduated in 1932 in hydrographic specialty. His service began in Ubekosibiri as assistant to the commander of a hydrographic vessel. 
In 1933, after the creation of the
Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, the Ubekosibir was disbanded, and Guschina, as part of a group of commanders, was connected to the Hydrographic Department of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route,, as a part of which he worked until 1936 as senior staff officer, captain of the hydrographic vessel, senior hydrograph. In 1936, he moved to  Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route,, spent the winter in Kolyma, leading the surveyed party, then during 1938–1940. He worked on the Olenek River and in the Olenek Bay at the head of the hydrographic detachment. 
Since the beginning of the war, Gushchin voluntarily joined the navy and after completing the courses for junior lieutenants he commanded a section of minesweepers in Kronstadt.
 In 1943, after demobilization for health reasons, he continued to work at Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, and spent three years in the Yansky wintering expedition as the head of the Yansky Gulf batching party, the head of the expedition, and the head of the hydrographic vessel "Issledovatel". 
Guschina’s expeditionary activity lasted until 1954, then for eleven years he worked as a senior editor for the compilation of ballots, and in 1965 he was transferred to full-time work in Tiksi hydrobase. 
Strait in the Lena Delta between the islands of Gerasim and Cuba-Aryta.


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