Johnston Alexander Keith

(28.12.1804 - 09.07.1871)


The famous Scottish engraver and geographer.

Born in Kirkhill, Mid-Lothian, He was educated in Edinburgh, and then studied with an engraver, but soon showed great interest in the study of geography. In order to communicate and consult with geographic authorities, he learned several modern languages. Johnston has produced many noteworthy atlases, maps, and reference books, including the National Atlas of Historical, Commercial, and Political Geography, which ensured his election to the Royal Geographical Society and the appointment of the geographer to the Queen of Scotland, the Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena, the Dictionary of Geography and the Royal Atlas of Modern Geography.

Johnston traveled extensively for scientific purposes. In 1862, he became one of the founders of the Meteorological Society of Scotland. In 1865 he was awarded the title of honorary doctor.

He died in Ben Redding, Yorkshire, buried in the northwestern part of the Granary Cemetery in Edinburgh.

Bay in the south of the Land of Olaf V, West Svalbard Island. The coordinates are 78° 31'N   19° 30'E.


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