Kuznetsov Dmitry Ivanovich

(1805 -24.11.1889)


Russian naval leader, admiral.

After graduating from the Naval Cadet Corps in 1822, he entered the service. In 1824 he received the rank of officer and served most of his life in the Baltic Fleet.

From 1854 to 1855 commanded the steamer "Neva". In the rank of lieutenant commander during the Crimean War, he participated in the defense of Kronstadt. For distinction, during the campaigns, Dmitriy Ivanovich was given the rank of captain of the 2nd rank.

In 1857 Kuznetsov led the 1st Amur detachment of screw ships, with which, on September 19 (October 1), 1857, for the first time in the history of Russia, he left Kronstadt to the Far East to the mouth of the Amur River. The detachment included the corvettes "Voevod", "Novik", "Boyar" and the clipper "Dzhigit", "Plastun", "Strelok", as well as the transport of the Russian-American company "Nikolay I". Kuznetsov’s headquarters was located on the “Voevoda” corvette. During the campaign, on April 17, 1858, Dmitry Ivanovich was promoted to rear admiral. Upon completion of the transition, he returned to the Baltic and until 1860 held the post of junior flagship of the Baltic Fleet.

From 1860 to 1861 he served in the Caspian Sea.

In 1864 Dmitry Ivanovich was appointed second Kronstadt commandant.

On October 28, 1866, Kuznetsov was made vice-admiral; in 1871, in the rank of vice-admiral, he was dismissed due to illness.  Later he was returned to the service. In 1878 Kuznetsov joined the Main Naval Court, and on April 16 was promoted to admiral.

The merits of Kuznetsov were awarded the Order of St. George and St. Alexander Nevsky.

He died in St. Petersburg, buried in the Smolensk Orthodox cemetery. The grave is not preserved

Cape on the northeast coast of Providence Bay. The name appeared on the map after the shooting of 1876 of Second Lieutenant Maximov, who was swimming on the Horseman clipper.


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