Rink Heinrich Johann

(26.08.1819 - 15.12.1893)

Danish geologist and ethnographer, explorer of Greenland.

Born in Copenhagen.

He graduated from the University of Kiel (1844).

In 1845-1847 made a world tour. In 1848-1851 traveled to the northwest, and in 1852-1868. - in southern Greenland. Conducted studies of the continental ice, which contributed to clarify the effect of glaciation on the nature of Europe in the glacial and postglacial periods. He also owns valuable works on the culture and life of the Eskimos. He discovered and supported the talent of the Eskimo folk artist Aron from Kangek.

He died in Christiania (now Oslo).

A small glacier in the east of the Land of Bunsou,  West Svalbard Island. The coordinates are 78° 32.9'N   17° 15'E.


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