Waxel Sven  

Officer of the Russian fleet, member of the 2nd Kamchatka Expedition. 
By nationality Swede. Born in Stockholm in the family of the owner of the tavern. From the age of 15 he served in the English fleet, and in 1724 entered the Russian service as a volunteer, in 1726–1733 sailed navigator on the ships of the Baltic Fleet. 
In 1733, Waxel was promoted to lieutenant and enlisted in the 2nd Kamchatka Expedition, where, under the leadership of A.I. Chirikov was engaged in the delivery of food in Okhotsk. In 1741, on the packet of “St. Peter" under the command of V. Bering made a voyage to the northwestern shores of America. In August 1742, after the death of Bering, Vaksel took command and, with the surviving members of the expedition, sailed from Bering Island and reached the shores of Kamchatka. Waxel reports, his book and the swimming map “St. Peter" became valuable sources for the study of this expedition. The journal, which he led in the expedition, was kept in the Tsarskoye Selo palace library. 
In 1749, Vaksel returned to St. Petersburg and was promoted to captain 2 rank. His subsequent service took place in the Baltic Fleet. In 1755 he was awarded the rank of captain of the 1st rank. 
In 1760–1761, commanding the ship “St. Dimitry Rostovsky", in the squadron of Vice-Admiral A.I. Polyansky Vaksel participated in the fighting near Kohlberg. 
The last two years of life was sick a lot. He died in St. Petersburg. 
Cape in the Gulf of Faddey on the northeast coast of Taimyr. 
Named in 1919 by R. Amundsen.


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