Valnev Fedor Mikhailovich 

Famous arctic captain. 
Started swimming cabin boy on sailing ships. Enrolled in skipper courses, he worked as a sailor-trainee on sailing and steam vessels. After graduating from skipper’s courses, from 1886 he worked as a navigator for ten years. 
In 1896, Vallnev received the title of sea captain and until 1917 served on the ships of the Murmansk Shipping Company. 
Since 1920, after the arrival of Soviet power in Arkhangelsk, Valnev was often involved in the work of various Soviet bodies as an expert who knew the northern industries well. At the same time, he was employed as an authorized representative of the newly formed Northern Scientific and Industrial Expedition, later renamed the Institute for the Study of the North. It was on the recommendation of Vallnev for the needs of the institute that the still unfinished Perseus was used. Vallnev also attracted the famous master of wooden construction V.F. Guest. Together, they prepared and implemented a plan for the completion and equipment of this vessel, on which numerous research expeditions were carried out. 
Since 1924, Vallnev assumed the duties of the deputy head of the expedition, and from that time on every year he provided technical training for three expeditions. 
Thanks to his work, Valnev was very popular in the North. 
He died of cerebral hemorrhage. 
An island in the Sahankyha Bay near the southern coast of Novaya Zemlya. Сalled in 1925 by expedition aboard the "Perseus". 
Mountain on the southern shore of Krestovaya Bay in the west of the northern island of Novaya Zemlya.  Named N.N. Matusevich. 
Bay in the north of the Gulf of Schubert in the east of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Described in 1924 and called the expedition led by R.L. Samoylovich.


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