Vardroper Edward Romanovich*


(1847- about  1920)


Ob industrialist.

Vardroppers settled in Russia, in Tyumen in the 1860s. Robert Wardropper was a sailor in his youth, in the 1830s he became a sea captain. On his own sailing ship, he, a specialist in the construction of ships, arrived with his son Edward in Russia. Later they were joined by elder sons Thomas and James.

Vardroppers built shipyards, established production of cheap wooden barges, established their shipping company. Among their descendants were engineers, geologists, builders, they owned the best residential buildings in the city. Due to their successful entrepreneurial activity, by the beginning of the 20th century, Tyumen became the center of shipbuilding and the main base of the shipping company of the Siberian River Basin.

Not a single private or public survey of the Northern Ob, undertaken for scientific or commercial purposes, took place without the participation of the Vardroppers: A.I. Vilkitsky, who planned the northern waterway from the Yenisei to the Ob, and others; Admiral S.O. Makarov to the mouth of the Yenisei in 1897, assistance in the supply of sled dogs expedition F. Nansen.


House of Vardroppers in Tyumen


Vardroppers became famous as patrons of art: for many years they were donators of the Tyumen Museum of Local Lore.

In 1894, Edward Vardropper was awarded the Minor Silver Medal of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.



Wardropper Island

(photo by E.A. Gusev)


* Materials used from the site

An island to the west of Minin's skerries. Discovered and named by F. Nansen in 1893.


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